Abbie Griskov

Adam Rodriguez 
Murals  & Tower

Andria Dawn
Upcycled 3D Mural

Ariel Estigarribia
Lighting of Festival Grounds

Atheena Romney
Light Paintings in Hospitality

Barnett English & Sarah Renner
Main Stage Backdrop Designs

Ben Allanoff 
Suspended Installations

Ben Kennedy 
Mirrored Imaginations

Bobby Furst
Peace Sign by Box Office

Brad Rhadwood

Brandon Henderson
Digital Mapping on Tower

Bret Philpot
Mural by Copper Mt. Stage

Chelsea West 
Crescent Moon & Love Bug

Corey Hamilton 
Wooden Elk Sculpture

Derek Paulin
LED Light Wall

Desert Roze 
Projections on Tree by the Lake

Dillon Endico

Ernest 'Hoodie' Salinas
Boogaloo Stage Woodwork

Fox McBride & James Golub
Earthen Benches in the Bowl

Gabba Evaro & Piper Robison
Swing Set Decor

Gregory Coye
Moment Before Awakening

Guerilla Love Project
 Interactive Mural

Guy Green
Metal Archways, Beer Garden Hut

Joey Buice
Hemp Mill

Johnette Napolitano
Moon Mural

Jose Diaz
Shade Poles, Mister Archway

Kamal Mishmish

Kurosh Showghi
Sculpture on Indian Cove Stage

Lil' Circus That Could
Shoe Free Chill Zone

Maggie Rose
Story Circle

Molly Keen

Ryan Holland
Interactive Artworks

Rick Rodriguez
Pyramid Installation

Ryan Tiffany
Welding on Main Stages

Sarah Renner
Colorizing on Main Stages

Sarah Schneider
Metal Artwork Copper Mt Stage 

Sharon Ryder

Sunny & Deborah
Space & Time Installation

Tetanus Collective
Metal Sunflower

Xiho Alvarez
Artwork on Indian Cove Stage

Ziv Segev
Hammock Village