The Healing Oasis is a community of healers from all walks of life, offering many and varied types of healing modalities. Whether you want a massage or a sound healing, you can experience the wisdom and healing of these shamans, witches and therapists as they practice their craft with us. Each healer is chosen for experience and qualification in their field.  Group meditation will be offered each day of the festival to help us align with nature, our true selves and the earth we live on. Tea service will also be on hand in the Oasis for those wishing to slow down and contemplate while sipping aromatic teas.  

Amanda McGaugh
As a somatic bodyworker, actively working in the field for over 15 years, my approach to massage therapy is through cultivating a safe and trustworthy relationship between my client and myself. The techniques and healing modalities are fluid and interchangeable but it is the ability to create and maintain a sacred space of neutrality that is the actual healing tool. That being said, my private practice in San Diego's North County consists of deeply relaxing and therapeutic bodywork. I specialize in deep tissue manipulation, passive joint movement, prenatal massage and women's holistic health, and cranio sacral therapy. I will also have my tarot deck and divination stones on hand, if you would like to enhance your cosmic festival experience with a reading.  Mandy McGaugh, HHP, CMT, Somatic Bodyworker - ​60 mins for $85, 90 mins for $120, Tarot - $1 per minute  - 

Anna Durga
B.S. Alternative Medicine, PT, CMT, RYT –   Anna has been in the health and wellness industry since 2005. She studied Chinese Medicine at PCOM, San Diego. Her career has revolved around helping her clients to thrive through movement (fitness training, yoga, Pilates) and postural corrections / stress management in applied massage therapy.  Anna will be offering Tui Na, Thai Massage / Stretching and Traction, Trigger Point / Deep Tissue, Castor Oil Belly Massage Qi Nei Tsang for $2 per minute in increments of 45, 60 and 90 minutes. Additions include: Application of Heat Pack, Aromatherapy.

Brian Duffy 

Brian Duffy has been reading the Tarot for more than 11 years, and conducting readings for the public for more than 6 years. His readings weave together an encyclopedic knowledge of symbolism along with deep intuitive insights to create powerful opportunities for self-knowledge and healing. Brian has been a featured Tarot reader at multiple festivals, and is currently acting as Tarot Consultant for the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Project art installation and deck. Brian conducts readings locally in Los Angeles and around the world via Skype.
Tarot reading -  $1 per minute

Bow & Molly 

Open your chakra flow with a 30 min sound healing and Reiki session with essential oils.  You will leave rejuvenated and ready for your festie experience.  Bringing together old and new knowledge from the world over to serve you.  These traveling nomads are donation based healers. Give what you can!


Dr. Cory Reddish 
Dr. Cory Reddish is a licensed naturopathic doctor and purveyor of all things good, healthy and fun. She recently founded the Feel Better HQ in Venice, CA, where she offers naturopathic medical consultations, high quality supplements, Vitamin B-12 injections, nutrient IV's and functional testing. It is also the HQ of Dr. Cory's Party Pax, her signature line of highly effective party recovery nutrients. She has been providing B-12 shots + Party Pax to the Joshua Tree Music Festival Community since 2014.   Cost: $25 - $45

Darby Hanson 
My soul's desire is to give back the transformational experiences that have radically changed my life and my relationship with myself for the better.  Yoga, massage, cranial sacral therapy and energetic healing have been a path to self-discovery, leading me to the truest part of myself.  The threads of these teachings have weaved themselves through the entire fabric of my life, uplifting me spiritually, mending me physically, and transforming me mentally.  I strive to cultivate a space that harvests a unique and authentic personal experience of self.  It is such a gift to hold space for personal alignment like those who have done so for me.  Darby (CMP) will be offering Cranial Sacral Therapy with Shakti Energy Healing at $2 per minute.

Deborah Schenk
"What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi.  Deborah is interested in whole body health and balance. She offers something for everyone in all times of life; Indian head massage, Cranial Sacral, Thai yoga massage, Foot Reflexology, Kundalini Reiki, aura healing and chakra balancing plus multiple forms of cupping therapy. Sessions are $1 per minute with first 5 minutes free for parents and students! Take a few minutes to give your body what it seeks. An instant return on time well spent.

Drew Elliott

Born and raised on an Island in the Pacific Northwest, Drew's interest in massage began in Southeast Asia, where he was exposed to an age-old tradition of touch therapy.  After receiving Traditional Thai Massage certification from the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he returned to Seattle to further his training as a Licensed Massage Therapist so he could share with others the eastern form and philosophy of massage. Since being licensed in the USA with Swedish, deep tissue and sport therapy massage he has recently returned from additional studies in Thailand where he acquired certification in advanced Thai massage techniques. Drew is ecstatic to share with you the 1000 year old traditions of healing touch passed down from the Buddhist monks of India and Thailand, once only shared within the monasteries. Therapies offered: 60min Traditional Thai Massage - $85, 90min Traditional Thai Massage - $115, 60min Thai Fusion/Specific Ailment - $85, 60min Swedish/Deep Tissue - $75, 30min Dancing Feet Therapy - $40

Elizabeth Moriarity

Elizabeth Moriarty is a wise and gracious witch healer from Northern California who holds space with laser presence and a very generous heart. Elizabeth is a masterful Counselor, Healer and Bodyworker, guiding people through practical, deeply intimate and very real experiences in personal growth through deep self awareness and intentional change work. Elizabeth specializes in Spiritual and emotional Triage for those experiencing ptsd, Grief and Loss, overwhelm, rage and the variety of stressors we face today.  Sessions can include Rune Stones and Oracles, movement, sounding, prayer, play, essential oils, Tibetan bowls and major healing juju and inspiration from above. Elizabeth is a long time Ritual facilitator at Harbin Hot Springs. She facilities dynamic Community ceremonies, hosts Grief Healing Circles, Love, Sex and Relationship Circles and a decade of Sacred Suppers, along with her private practice in Sebastopol.  Bodywork is available for 30, 60 or 90 minutes with doTerra oils  and sound healing for $1 dollar a minute. Counseling and space holding for $1 minute, 30 or 60 min. session. "Take a walk" mini sessions have limited availability for $20. We literally take a walk and talk- short and sweet but deep and real.

Fernando Artiga

Fernando knew touch was one of his callings since he was a teenager.  He has been practicing massage over fifteen years having completed basic massage schooling at three different schools and furthered his studies with mentors. Understanding anatomy and years of dance experience have given him the confidence to really dive deep and learn how to bring harmony to our over all health. Inevitably, this led him to study the mysteries of magic and Shamanism. Through shamanic studies and the healing arts, he has found a language informed by intuition and Spirit guides which facilitate the body’s natural healing intelligence!  Fernando’s healing style is a combination of deep tissue and myofacial release. He follows major muscle groups and using combination of intuition and client feed back, he gets a sense of what the body needs. This gentle and yet firm approach is refined by his knowledge of anatomy and Chinese acupressure points!  Fernando will be offering: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu/Acupressure at $2 per minute

Holly Rae Wind

I have been a Reiki/Master/Teacher for over 20 years offering clients the tools to heal themselves. I began studying healing modalities at the age of 13 in Lilydale, NY, the largest spiritual community in the world. I have traveled to many places to study, learn and teach to share healing. Since we are all unique, each Reiki session is different. I incorporate the healing vibration of stones and crystals and start with the balancing of the chakras. Depending on the needs of the receiver I may add other modalities into the session. Chakra balancing - 15 minutes. $20, Reiki: Full session 1 hour with chakra balancing and stone/crystal work - $85, Reiki: 30 minute session - $50, Reiki: 20 minutes - $25, Readings: 15 minutes - $20

Katy Garrett

Katy graduated from the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork in 2013 and recently traveled to Thailand to complete her Thai Massage certification. With these trainings she offers a unique blend of therapeutic techniques to relieve the body and nourish the soul.  It brings her joy to create a unique session for her clients' desires and intentions.  A firm believer of the inseparable connection of body, mind and heart, Katy appreciates the space massage creates for this path to be directly experienced.  I am here to work with you, to accompany you as you journey into your body, heart, and spirit.  Katy will be offering structural integration (Rolfing), therapeutic bodywork, deep tissue, Swedish and Thai Massage from $60 - $150 depending on treatment.

Mary Ewing

Hello Everyone!! I'm tremendously excited to be offering my services at Joshua Tree Music Festival this year for the first time! I offer massage therapy utilizing deep tissue, myofascial release, Swedish, trigger point, joint mobilization, some energy work, and neuromuscular re-education . I also offer gentle chiropractic adjustments with Activator, manual adjusting, and extremity adjusting. Adjustments are $40.00. Massages are $1.50 per min. Adjustments are complementary when you book a 90 min massage. I look forward to offering services to you and visiting Joshua Tree!!  Mary Ewing, DC, CMP

Snohomish Brown

Snohomish Brown LAc, CMT is a Physician of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture who provides relief for many kinds of illnesses and injury. He is an expert in soft tissue massage and lymphatic drainage including myofascia release and Chinese medical massage. Other modalities he offers include moxibustion, cupping, guasha, and electro-stimulation with acupuncture.  He is available for consultation and herbal formula recommendations, as well as nutrition and lifestyle coaching for reproductive health, pain management, and longevity. $2 per minute.


Susan Melina 

Sooz has been studying the healing arts for 25 years. She is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic practitioner and intuitive healer. She specializes in Pulse consultations, nutrition, tongue analysis, digestive issues, women’s health, body alignment and the use of Ayurvedic tools such as Guasha and Cupping therapy. Sooz is known to ‘channel’ answers during a consultation. She will be offering Ayurvedic consultations and advice at the special festival price of $85 a session.


Warren Jones 

Of all the massage therapists out there, Warren is something special! He has great intuition and technique for leaving a tense body supple and relaxed. He is responsive to communication on how deep to work, and is strong enough to go deep. An added benefit is that he’s such an interesting and multifaceted person. Warren will be offering Swedish and Deep Tissue massage at $80 an hour or $120 for 90 minutes.