Big thanks to these lovely artists painting LIVE at the festival in May.

Their creations will be sold via silent auction, on SUN from 9am – 1pm, in the music bowl.
Half the proceeds go to the artists, and half goes to a children’s music program.
These talented, passionate artists feed off the entergy of the festival and interaction with the audience.
Out of the studio and into the mix of the music and festivities !

abbie griskov
alexander feliciano
alita van vliet
amanda overmire
birgitte charlotte
chelsea west
christophe lautrette
christopher paddock
corey clark
erica wexler
esteban garcia
jared egusa
joe mallory
kellie rogers
keziah benson
lala hernandez
mercedes joy knapp
michael shawn cuevas
mike lopez
nora bruhn
rahil hamza
sharon ryder
tad coffin
valerie davis
wesley gainey