Big thanks to these lovely artists painting LIVE at the festival in May.

Their creations will be sold via silent auction, on SUN from 9am – 1pm, in the music bowl.
Half the proceeds go to the artists, and half goes to a children’s music program.
These talented, passionate artists feed off the entergy of the festival and interaction with the audience.
Out of the studio and into the mix of the music and festivities !
alexander feliciano
Molded to the essence of Tone impressed upon Organic Matter, as well as free form movement as I shape paint through air.  

alita van vliet
Evokes her deep connection to nature.  Her stylized acrylic paintings are rich in color, depth, luminosity and spirit.

amanda overmire
Impulsive, yet highly conceptual. I integrate a reflection of my life and surrealist ideas which are emotional and loud.

brigitte charlotte
Explore the surreal and dream states through different states of blue with a central theme of dichotomy and harmony amongst the duality.

chelsea west
Inspired by love, nature, and the blend of groovy colors, influenced by my beautiful home land of Joshua Tree and my two wonderful daughters.

christophe lautrette
 Imaginative, colorful, organic, whimsical and magical !

christopher paddock
Interweaving of experience, angst and beauty from the live music experience.  

corey clark
Using ancient patterns of mandalas to bring sacred traditions back into the world.

erica wexler
Oil paintings to remind human beings of the importance of being connected to ourselves and nature.

esteban garcia
 A focus on the different forms of goddess in ancient myth portrayed in a contemporary way.

joe mallory
 Abstract line faces and fishy space critters with acrylic.   @eojj_art

Abstract surrealism. My creations are based on science and math visually presenting time portals and worn holes.​​
kellie rogers
Psychedelic line work inspired by geometry &balance.  @kellierogersart

keziah benson

Visions of space travel and meditation while she draws inspiration from music gatherings, expressive dancing, and the healing powers of Earth.

lala hernandez

mercedes joy knapp
Technicolor pictures depict inner life, fueled by imagination and an unending curiosity about how “alive” we can really be.

michael shawn cuevas
CA based artist uses symbolism, iconoery and colorism to speak his message pulling inspiration from around the globe and the Great Basin.

mike lopez
Realistic portraits augmented by abstract designs and exploring concepts in headdress designs and done in ink, aerosol, and acrylic.

nora bruhn
 An emphasis on light, color, femininity and nature inspired by living with one foot in San Francisco and the other in the California wilderness.

rahil hamza
The coming alive of colorful psychedelic animal paintings with detailed drawings inside. 

sharon ryder
Energetic mapping;  visually depicting different forms of energy, auras, feelings, concepts, ideas.

tad coffin

Tad Coffin is an artist in oil, ink and photography, seeking a better vision for the world.

thunder voice eagle
Awaken from a dream by a thunderstorm, depicting the Navajo nation thru his art ever since.

valerie davis

Inspired by nature and the Earth Goddess; textured, organic mandalas that are borderline abstract.

wesley gainey​​
inspired by pop art, graffiti, propaganda poster work, and street art.