(501c3 Non-Profit)
Dedicated to supporting positive change in our community,  we’re   proud to team up with UCC (Urban Conservation Corp) to promote stewardship for our environment by collecting and sorting trash and recycling while educating the community on green practices.

The Southern California Mountains Foundation Urban Conservation Corps
A workforce development program that offers young men and women the chance to serve on our Southern California Mountains and become employable citizens through hard work in environmental conservation. For more information on this incredibly powerful community resource, please visit their website.

Green It Up
The UCC Recycle-Crew will be on site making HUGE efforts towards a sustainable event.  Help them out by doing your part. What does it mean to be green? Pack it in, Pack it out; COMPOSTING all organic waste, moving past plastics, and educating all participants to live lighter on the planet. BYOB - water bottle, that is - we provide free drinking water on site.  And while we're at it, bring our own everything!

Free Water Station

60 Million plastic water bottles go into landfills every day !  Free, filtered water for festival attendees will be available in the music bowl and campground to fill your reusable bottles. NO BOTTLED WATER FOR SALE.  Check out available JTMF stainless steel bottles for sale at the Merch booth!

Save monies, cut down on pollution, and make new friends. General parking does cost but is free to those cars carrying 3 or more people.  Looking for ways to find a rideshare?

Check out - RIDEVU - to find a ride

Food and bevvie vendors at the fest will be using biodegradable products. Composting and recycling will take place on site. Do your part by hitting the right (well marked) garbage can.