GO DEEP with your Joshua Tree EXPERIENCE !
Come to the festival site early (Tue May 16) to feed your head, learn from some masters, collaborate & commune under the stars.

  Choose one of these five courses led by these phenomenal musical innovators and JTMF performers:
The SONG  –  Gene Evaro,   Myshkin   &   Phillip Rosenberg

The DIDJ  –  Stephen Kent (Baraka Moon)  &  Trevor Green

ABLETON   –   Sasha Rose (Liberation Movement),   Heather Christie (Sirens of Soul)   &   Vir McCoy (House of Hamsa)

The BEAT   –   Wally Ingram (Steve Kimock, Bonnie Raitt),   Ben Kennedy (Gene Evaro Jr.)   &   Mitchell Arganda (Gene Evaro Jr.)

The STORY –  Catherine Svehla, Phd in Mythology
For $395 we provide:

- 16 hours of instruction (6 sessions – 1 on Tue, 3 on Wed, 2 on Thu)
- 5 healthy, yummy meals (Tue dinner, Wed & Thu lunch & dinner)
- Car camping pass valid thru the festival (normally $75)
- Check in between Noon & 5pm on TUE May 16
- On site camping
- Early entry to festival campground, get your choice of camp spot.
- Yoga or Khi Cong class on Wed & Thu mornings.
- Opportunity to record on site at Roaming Sounds Mobile Studio (not incl. in fee)
- Complimentary teas, coffee, chai (iced or hot). (Espresso drinks not incl. in fee)
- Endless supply of drinking water     

LIMITED AMOUNT of SPACE - To sign up now, click on:  I want to GO DEEP

The art & craft of songwriting. Techniques, recording skills, framework, inspiration and more.

Gene Evaro  -  Home grown. Self made. The real deal personified. Born into a musical family, and just 26 years young, Gene has been writing songs for 16 years.  He was winner of the national John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2015, toured with Elle King, performed at NAMM, and is a true DIY writer, performer, producer, videographer and designer. Gene and his band (Piper Robison, Ben Kennedy, Mitchell Arganda, Clint Stoker & Scott Kissinger) are a musical force. The pacing of their show, and each song, is varied.  They deliver delicious soulful grooves, raucous guitar fueled funk, and poetic folk with equal aplomb.

Myshkin -  New Orleans schooled, gypsy spirited, collaborative by nature, endlessly curious, Myshkin Warbler is a rare bird among songwriters.  She’s been writing, composing and producing for 25+ years, and written and produced 10 albums. She won Folk Album fo the year by Offbeat Magazine, and was a finalist three times for the New Orleans Big Easy Award.  With a stellar band helping animate darkly joyous, compellingly complex songs, and a cast of circus talent adding spectacle and beauty, the Royal Rabble Circus (which made it’s debut at the last JTMF) is built for ears, eyes, heart and mind. Thrills, chills, a soaring voice, and songs that slip under the skin and stay there. Literate, political, heartbreaking, soulbuilding, gorgeous.

Phillip Rosenberg  -  “The foul rag and bone shop of the heart,” Yeats called it – that repository of musings, detritus and discarded emotions out of which we assemble art.  Songwriter-poet Phillip Rosenberg, performing under the name Rags and Bones, has spent a lifetime sifting through the leftover parts of the world and himself to try and create an archival record.  At 70, he feels like he may be getting close. In 2008 he left Nashville for the People's Republic of Joshua Tree where he hones his craft, teaches guitar, plays for the lunch crowd at the JT Saloon, and organizes the monthly Songwriters in the Round at the Beatnik Lounge.  

Diaphragm rhythm and playing techniques, multiple layering of sound, and much more.

Stephen Kent  -   Since the early 1980’s luminary multi-instrumentalist and acclaimed composer Stephen Kent has carved a deep groove in multiple genres of contemporary music pioneering the use of the Australian Aboriginal Didjeridu (Didgeridoo) in the modern world.  Born in Britain and raised in East Africa he came to the Didjeridu while Music Director of Australia’s national contemporary circus, Circus Oz (1981-83), traveling deep into the bush and seeking permission from Aboriginal elders to bring the ancient instrument to the contemporary world.  His work as a cultural ambassador with the Didjeridu also inspires his work in education and he is in demand as a teacher and lecturer both on Didgeridoo techniques but also to give it cultural context in private lessons, schools, colleges, senior centers and wider afield on the high seas presenting on board cruise ships in the southern hemisphere.  In a working career for over 30 years with the Didjeridu, he has performed in 5 continents and at many globally renowned festivals including: Leipzig Jazz Festival, Zurich Jazz Festival, New Musiques Actuelles, New York International Arts Festival, San Francisco International Arts Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Beloved, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Other Minds Festival, Ndola Trade Fair (Zambia), Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Globalquerque (USA), Womad(UK), Le Reve De L’Aborigene (France) Dreamtime Festival (Berlin) among countless others.  Stephen will perform once again at the festival with global trance-dance innovators Baraka Moon.

Trevor Green  -  This didjeridoo aficionado is spirited, deep, soul-stirring and thought provoking.  Trevor Green is a one man force of nature. Fusing world, funk, folk and jam rock into a high energy performance, Trevor’s music has a strong universal appeal. Last year Trevor toured the Australian Outback with his family to embrace and learn from the Aboriginal culture and the story behind the Yidaki (didgeridoo). The versatile (understatement) multi-instrumentalist who makes use of vocals, guitars (6 and 12 string, lap, slide, banjo, mandolin and ukulele), didgeridoo, stomp box, and harmonica is truly a breath of fresh air.  The skill set of this finger-style guitartists free form artistic ability, combined with enthusiasm and love of cultured music is showcased in raw, live, unedited fashion. His most recent album was recorded here in Joshua Tree with Robbi Robb (3rd Ear Experience) and Chris Unck (Lucky Bones, High Lonesome Studios).  His connection to our surroundings run deep, and his positive spirit and huge heart are a big part of this festival (this is Trevor’s 6th JTMF appearance).

Looping, Beatmaking & Live Singing, and DJing.
Sasha Rose  -  Sasha is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, DJ and producer. Born into a musical family, she started playing the guitar, flute, djembe and piano at age 5. She toured Europe at age 10 as a member of the a children’s chamber choir. By age 16, she was solo touring professionally through the US, Australia, Canada and Europe.  She’s performed with Random Rab, Hamsa Lila, Prezident Brown, the Everyone Orchestra, & Joan Baez.  Since 2011 Sasha has been a key member of the Liberation Movement. In addition to performing with the Liberation Movement on FRI night, Sasha will grace the Café Stage on Saturday for an acoustic set of powerful, heartfelt songs.  And on THU eve, she sets the positive tone high with DJ sets with live vocals.

Vir McCoy  -  Vir McCoy has written and recorded 220+ original songs in many styles of music on 21+ albums, including styles in Children's, Rock, Funk, World Tribal, Hip Hop, Electronica,  Devotional and , and New Age Comedy. He’s performed at JTMF with House of Hamsa, Dogon Lights, Radio Devi, Foxgluv, Liberation Movement and more.  Vir’s appeared as a guest on several studio albums (Including Mickey Hart of the Greatful Dead and Beats Antique among others) as well as on soundtracks for film, television, the web and video. Vir is an accomplished composer, writer, arranger, producer, mixer, guitarist, and bassist in addition to playing the Sintir or Guimbri, the camel-skinned, ethnic bass of Morocco. He also plays a unique Bass Hybrid instrument he self created called the Ark-Bass.  Vir McCoy is nothing short of a synthesis of styles and sounds fit to perfectly uplift the surroundings.  In a word, prolific.  Vir is a “Cosmic Muse”  that can weave between styles and genres; from “Funk Therapy” to New Age Comedy to Childrens to Devotional to Tribal Fusion to Rock.  Anyone who has seen Vir in action in his many projects can attest to this.

Heather Christie  -  Heather Christie is first and foremost a performing artist. Starting at the young age of 9 onstage, Heather studied musical theatre, voice and dance her whole youth. Beginning at age 14 writing songs and starting to sing in bands at age 15, Heather now is a full-time professional singer.  Heather works with music producers & instrumentalists, and was featured on American Idol's Finale Season. Deemed a 'vocal tour de force', this singer, producer and songwriter conjures comparisons to singers like Little Dragon, Sia, and BANKS, with a soulful twist of her own. Heather's live set is a fusion of live and electronic soul-influenced dance songs. Including guest musicians such as bass and guitar, her set rivets audiences with a captivating stage presence. Heather's charisma uplifts hearts and injects listeners with inspiration that stays them long after the show. Currently working on new releases, Heather is honing her craft and sound for a long and fruitful career to come.

Percussion and drumming skills.

Wally Ingram  -   Wally has toured and/or recorded with Dave Schools, Jackson Browne, Anders Osborne, David Lindley, Steve Kimock, Taj Mahal, Jerry Joseph, Bonnie Raitt, Warren Zevon, Eric McFadden, Sheryl Crow, David Nelson Band, Eric Burdon, Warren Haynes, Bruce Hornsby, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Shawn Colvin, Col. Bruce Hampton, George Clinton, Tracy Chapman, and Timbuk 3 to name just a few.  To say Wisconsin-born percussionist Wally Ingram is prolific and in demand would be an understatement.  The High Desert is home (part time) for Wally and his family, and he’s performed at JTMF many times with Anders Osborne, Papa Mali, Materialized, Eric Burdon, Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, Steve Kimock, Eric McFadden and more.  He’ll be an ‘Artist at Large’ during the festival, sitting in with bands throughout the weekend.  A master at hybrid drumming and percussive coloring, his experience and insights are invaluable.

Ben Kennedy & Mitchell Arganda  -  Ben & Mitchell are drums and percussion for the Gene Evaro Jr. band.  Between them they have performed at the Joshua Tree Music Festival dozens of times dating back to 2008.  Driven to be the best they can be at their craft, Ben & Mitchell are always practicing, listening, and creating.   Their talent and hard work shine thru with each Gene Evaro Jr performance better than the previous.   They’ve performed at High Sierra Music Festival, Guitarfish Music Festival, Lucidity, Hangtown, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust and more.   Players, and teachers, they’ve led music playshops at JTMF, and get inspired to inspire others to learn the BEAT.

Delve in to yours. Uncover story wisdom.  Transform. Keep the mystery alive in your life !

Catherine Svehla, Phd.  -  Our society is ripe for transformation. Now is the time for each of us to answer the call and offer our gifts, but how do we do this?  The old myths and stories are important guides as we grapple with the relationship between personal healing and cultural renewal, and the mysterious process of transformation. In this deep dive into story, we will use a variety of approaches and experiments to uncover the story wisdom that we need and develop our capacity to create, love, and transform. How does transformation take place? What are the challenges? Who are our allies? What role do we play, and where do you fit in? These are a few of the questions that we’ll explore.  The desert, as an archetypal place for seeking and revelation, is the perfect place for this journey. Come ready to be surprised, informed, and inspired.  Catherine Svehla, PhD, mythologist, activist, artist, and storyteller extraordinaire will lead you through this deep dive story intensive. Catherine is the founder of Mythic Mojo and the host of Myth in the Mojave, a storytelling podcast with listeners around the world. A recognized innovator in the contemporary field of mythological studies, she has consulted with the Joseph Campbell Foundation, the Symposium for the Study of Myth, the Imaginal Institute, and the Foundation for Mythological Studies, and received a New Mythos grant from OPUS Archives for “Blisters On the Way to Bliss: Toward a New Understanding of Heroism,” a project in the Joseph Campbell archives. Catherine lives in Joshua Tree and draws daily inspiration from the desert muses. She founded and led the High Desert Mythological Roundtable from 2009-2015.